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    POST-CONSTRUCTION                   CLEANING                                                                            


Construccion Cleaning

Conducted with proper use of materials and supplies for multiple surfaces

• Professional interior and exterior cleaning of construction debris and trash removal, general dusting, window washing, pressure washing

• Cleaning of baseboards, windows, walls, floors, cabinets, appliances

• Offer services to improve the appearance of your facility and to ensure a safe workplace for results.

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High Rise Glass Cleaning

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Comercial Cleaning

• Offer services on high touch point areas such as countertops, sinks, tables and desks, door handles, and other common areas

• Remove and discard trash

• Tub repairing


Carpet Cleaning

• Excellent results on carpet cleaning, spot and stain removal, vacuuming

• Carpet maintenance for removal of stains, odors, dust, etc

• To restore its clean appearance and texture for extended carpet life


Windows Cleaning & Maintenance

• Interior and Exterior window cleaning for improved appearance and professional purposes

• Removal of dirt, dust, fingerprints, stains, with high rise glass cleaning available


Floor Care

• Use of professional cleaning equipment and disinfectant detergents to scrub, wax, buff, strip and seal to your floor care needs

• Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming in any wanted service areas


Warehouse Cleaning

  • · Offer services in warehouses to ensure a clean and safer environment by conducting tasks of dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and removing trash and waste, and more

  • · From cleaning floors to smaller spaces within the warehouse and free of safety hazards


Pressure Washing

Removal of built-up dirt, dust, environmental debris, and general cleaning for a cleaner and improved look with the use of our high-pressure water spraying equipment

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Tubs Repairs

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Disenfecting Services


Residential Cleaning

  • · For detail-oriented needs to maintain a clean living space such as the disinfection and sanitation of kitchens, restrooms, mopping, sweeping, and floor and carpet care

  • · General dusting of furniture, cabinets, baseboards, fixtures, appliances,


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